Agile Consultancy
We are experts in Agile Organizational Transformation.
People, Processes and Tools.

Boost Productivity - Increase Accountability - Enhance Collaboration
Manage Changing Priorities - Get Rapid Feedback.

Dukeberry have provided companies with Agile Frameworks at Scale applying best practice from Agile Disciplines and retaining visibility at Project and Programme level. From a few days consultancy to a full strategic roadmap providing experts to drive through your change at the Board, Programme, Project and Team level.

What we are best at

Agile Consultancy Services

Portfolio, Programme and Project, Levels of Governance with Agile at Scale, Empowerment, Stakeholder Engagement and Management, Roles and Responsibilities.
Agile Project Management
Scrum Models within Prince 2. Agile Project Management (DSDM), SAFE. Agile Ceremonies, Principles, Lifecycle, Roles and Responsibilities, Delivery Products, Planning and Control
Agile Development Team
Agile Product Architecture, Backlog Refinement Definition of Ready, Definition of Done, Developing in Sprints, Testing in Sprints, Acceptance Test Driven Approach, Quality Criteria for User Stories, Estimating.
Agile Programme Management
Vision Alignment, Strategic Roadmaps, Managing the Tranches, Agile Planning of Benefits Realization, Product Planning, Programme Progress Visibility, Cross Project Dependencies.
Dev Ops
Agile Release Management, Agile Deployment Tools, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Release Pipeline, Release Control and Versioning
Agile Frameworks
Agile Best Practice, Whole Team Collaboration Process with JIRA, Reporting Setup, Dashboard Setup, Scrum Team Setup, Process to Tool Mapping, Team Coaching, JIRA Setup.